Maths – Measurement

In maths I am now working on the measurement success criteria and I’am  Woking on the spicy criteria. I’am focussing on the ones ,tenths and hundreds part of measurement. As soon as I discover more I will share my findings with YOU!


Recetly the year 5 students have been doing naplan . I have completed  language conventions, Writing and reading part of  naplan.   And now we just have to complete the numeracy  of  the test .

Inter school sports

On friday I’am going to participate in a soccer game as inter school sports.  We got to chose out of t-ball or soccer and I chose soccer. We get to play against other schools and it really fun . But I will be raining !!! ⚽️

100 word challenge

Of course I will be eating chocolate because it will be Easter and I plan to have a few sleepovers with my friends. It will also be my sisters birthday witch means she will be having a party . I will definetly be going to the rip curl pro witch is a surfing comp. I will go surfing and hang with my friends. I will meet surfers at the comp and get their autograph and get a photo with them and I will play with my friends at the comp too. 

And that’s what I  want to on the holidays.




Intergers reflection

Well it turns out intergers wasn’t really my thing because I didn’t really understand it and it was a bit confusing at first but then our teacher showed us a stagerty by using a number line ! But I don’t  really know what the negative numbers are all about. I want to find out more about them but this is our last maths class of the term! I will probably work on this next term too.


In maths I am now working on integers.

What is integers?

Integers are the lines we use in lots of everyday appliances and we also use on our time line.

I will share my finding outs with you soon!

my new big idea topic

Now that I’m in 5/6, we call investigations ‘big idea’. Our big idea topic is, ‘do this in memory of me’ and I chose Turia Pitt . In 2011 she was running a ultra marathon in the outback and she got caught in a fire. I chose her because she has never given up, always had faith, had courage in herself and  stayed positive.


*Turia used to be a part time model.

*The ultra marathon organisers went to court.

*Turia’s mum is Tahitian 






cross country

O͠n͠ T͠u͠e͠s͠d͠a͠y͠ m͠y͠ s͠c͠h͠o͠o͠l͠ h͠a͠d͠ c͠r͠o͠s͠s͠ c͠o͠u͠n͠t͠r͠y͠. M͠y͠ y͠e͠a͠r͠ l͠e͠v͠e͠l͠ (5/6) h͠a͠d͠ t͠o͠ r͠u͠n͠ 3 k͠i͠l͠o͠m͠e͠t͠e͠r͠s͠ b͠u͠t͠ I͠ c͠o͠u͠l͠d͠n͠’t͠ p͠a͠r͠t͠i͠c͠i͠p͠a͠t͠e͠ b͠e͠c͠a͠u͠s͠e͠ I͠ w͠a͠s͠ i͠n͠g͠e͠r͠e͠d͠ a͠n͠d͠ a͠l͠l͠ o͠f͠ m͠y͠ f͠r͠i͠e͠n͠d͠s͠ d͠i͠d͠ r͠e͠a͠l͠l͠y͠ w͠e͠l͠l͠. M͠o͠s͠t͠ o͠f͠ t͠h͠e͠m͠ g͠o͠t͠ i͠n͠t͠o͠ t͠o͠p͠ 6!